December 5, 2012

Today was my favorite day.

Honestly, from beginning to end, it was just so great.

For starters, although I enjoy going into the prison with my dad, I really didn't want to this morning. I woke up anyway, got dressed, and found out that dad wasn't going until later, and I should just go back to bed. I did not complain. He then ended up not going later, and I woke up with time to get ready to go to Wicked Big. It was mildly stressful, because I forgot to write a "I will take responsibility for anything that happens to me" letter, but dad wrote it for me, and I got there on time. If anything bad DID happen, it was trying to park. Downtown Haverhill is whack when it comes to parking. It's either two hours for free, or you have to pay, or it's for the apartment residents only. I was parallel parking. By the 5th try, and finally getting over all the gangsters judging my bad parking skills, I finally got it.

I then walked into the Cafe. Mohammed read my letter, said it was fine, invited me behind the counter, and then from there is was like a dream come true. Honestly, I had to tell myself to stop grinning so big, because people would think I'm crazy. That's how exciting it was to stand behind the counter and see the espresso machine, and the cups, and the steam wands, and the syrups, and to be so close to the gigantic chalkboard in the back, and know that I am finally going to be a part of it all. It was amazing.

He showed me the machines, how they worked, where to find things, etc. Then, some customers came in, they ordered, and he made the drinks, showing me how to do it and explaining the difference between a latte and a cappuccino. I had no idea what the difference was, but now I do.

I made a few hot chocolates, a few lattes, served some regular coffees...that wasn't hard. Ultimately, I think I have the methods down so far, but I am MESSY. My hands aren't conditioned to the equipment. (Mo asked me, "Oh, are you a lefty?" I said yes, and asked if it was going to wreak havoc. He laughed and said, "Yes.")

So, I pour awkwardly and make messes, and it's a little difficult to get a handle on foam. It's okay, it's just my first day. There are going to be more.

(At this point, I had to stop. I'm picking this up today, Wednesday.)

Speaking of which, when I was getting ready to leave, he just kind of said that I could come in a second day if I wanted to (to which I said, "HECK YEAH." Not quite, but close.) So, after my first day, I am scheduled to come in twice a week. TWICE A WEEK! I'm so freaking excited.

Also exciting, in the same conversation, when he was encouraging me about how doing everything is just a matter of practice, like driving, he was like, "You know, and maybe you'll go and do your own thing, or you could get a job here...just takes practice."

It was almost mumbled, and I thought I misheard him, but I know what I heard. I heard him say that I could get a job there.

I know. It's only been one day. And it was pretty slow. But despite being incapable of pouring, and putting enough foam into a cappuccino, I obviously didn't do too poorly. I don't think I did, for a first time, anyway. But I know I can definitely do better. Once I feel more comfortable with everything, and become more confident in the reality that I can do it.

I know I can. Also fascinating is that I found myself actually asking questions because I sincerely wanted to know the answers. I didn't just stand around like, "Merrrrr....I'm just a weird girl who likes coffee." I mean, I did that too, but I also found myself engaged in everything that was going on. I guess it's on me to be interested, anyway. I am the one who walked in out of the blue and asked to do this.

Also, yesterday, I got talk to a friend of mine, which was great. We've been trying to get a hold of each other for a few days now, and we finally got to talk for a while last night. Like I told him, I think the last time we spoke over the phone was in August. That feels like centuries ago. Like, just in general. August? What? It feels like it's only September, but it's actually December, and August was a long time ago.

I also went to the Young Adult group I've kind of joined..kinda. I don't go to the church, but I enjoy it nonetheless.

It was, all in all, just a really superb day. Between, doing what I love, talking to one of my best friends, and also having a late night craft project with my parents for our Advent calendar, it was just all good.

Today is a little slower. I have a workout later, and I need to do some work around the house. And set up my Christmas village! The Advent item for today is perfect for it.

So, yes. And tomorrow, I will be back at Wicked Big, learning and doing more. So happy.


  1. Doesn't take much to excite you, huh Hannah? Congratulations on (almost) getting the job of your dreams! Does this mean you get free coffee? Once I worked at a pizza place and I got free pizza whenever I wanted (sounds good, but not really because I gained like, 10 pounds).

    I love reading your writing/status' because it's so quirky and cool. Keep them coming!

    1. It's true. I am very easily pleased :) Yes, I believe I get free coffee. I made myself two lattes yesterday, so...yeah.

      I'm so glad you enjoy them! Thank you! :)