December 9, 2012

I take credit for that.

No, you don't need to know what I'm talking about, but I totally take credit for it. Maybe not all the credit, but definitely some. I definitely played a part.

HAH! Anyway.

Church was great. I love my church. I love that even though socially I feel awkward because I don't really know anyone, and the people I do know go to different services, spiritually, I feel at home. I went up to the altar call today. I was able to have a legitimate altar experience with the Lord. That just...has never happened outside of Bible college. Okay, maybe at some youth rallies and my first year at Church Camp, when I got filled with the Holy Spirit.

I went to their program tonight, which ended up being kind of a kids Christmas craft night, which is fine, but I felt out of place. One of the Pastors was standing up in the foyer, and I met her before slipping out.

My genetic tendency toward being an introvert totally made sense, though. It was all held downstairs in the basement, it was dark, crowded, and again - I didn't know anyone. I just felt stressed out. If I had had a friend, or was more outgoing, it may have gone differently, but I'm glad I left. At least I tried, right? haha

I'm almost done with Christmas shopping.

I'm not sure why I'm blogging. I need to go to sleep. I have a long day tomorrow.

This post has no point. I just love my church. I am content. I am hopeful. I am a little manic. It's okay. I'm still sane.

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