January 25, 2014

I always have the same line...

Whenever I haven't written in a while, I always have Count Olaf's welcoming line to the kids in my head.

"Hello, hello, hello..." Creepy voice and all.

This is my first post of 2014. So far, it's been an interesting year. Granted, it's only been 25 days, but still, interesting.

For one thing, my hands are chapped like whoa. It's ridiculous and painful. There's a girl at work who is worse off than myself, but I feel her pain. Being surrounded by rinsing and sanitizing all day doesn't help at all. Uhg, winter can end any time.

There's some stuff going on that I can't talk about here. It's not a personal situation for me, but I'm involved, and the Lord is definitely using it to teach me a lot. What I know about faith is really being challenged, and the Lord is helping me see more quickly the difference between His voice, and Satan's. Just being faced with so much doubt concerning the situation, and then it quickly turning around into: "Wait, Hannah, doubt isn't from God, and for the sake of this situation, you can't dwell on doubt." It's weird. And great. And weird. And in general, God is drawing me back to Himself, shining the light in my darkness, and I want to honor Him. I still fail, because I'm not as strong as I need to be, but I know that He is patient, and is alongside me for the journey.

There's a lot going on, I guess. There is then, a situation that very much does concern me, and if anything, I feel like week by week, I'm more and more confident that God is doing something. It sounds crazy, and bizarre, but at the same time makes perfect sense. I'm looking forward to the future..the summer.

I've been exercising. I bought Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred, and have so far done it every day. I've been really tempted to skip a couple times, but so far so good. I've also been drinking a lot of green smoothies, and am just trying to make better choices for myself. I'm not necessarily looking for tons of physical change, I just want to feel good. And feel like I've accomplished something. Anything else is a bonus.

I still love my job. I've been reading a lot lately, which has been awesome. You know how if you don't read consistently for a long time, it just is kind of hard TO read? Like, stay awake long enough to care, etc? That's changed, and now I'm a person who really like reading again. Which I love. I love buying books, and challenging myself to finish them.

God is good. Life is interesting.