August 31, 2015

It's been a while. How are you?

Well, hello.

When last we spoke, you had just finished reading my Romantic Epic. As you're probably aware, four days after the final installment, my boyfriend flew up and proposed to me, thus becoming my fiance. We proceeded to have a not-long-enough blissful week of enjoying each other's company - when I wasn't working.

The story of how the night of his proposal went down is chaotic to say the least, but let's say that there were late flights, forgotten sparklers, and lots of spilled sparkling cider. His grandmother came up with him, and meeting her was fantastic. She could tell within minutes that Tim and I were a good match. "Tim is the boy version of Hannah, and Hannah is the girl version of Tim." It's really a quite accurate observation. We're different, but the same.

From that point, I managed to round up my bridesmaids, maid of honor, and matron of honor, as well as find a wedding dress.

From there, I went to Europe for two weeks, where I walked miles, and miles, and enjoyed so much bread. It was an incredible experience, but it was, I'll admit, partially overwhelmed by my excited for my trip to Florida that was coming three days after I got home.

I went to Florida for a week, and enjoyed absolutely every minute with the man I love. I met family, and friends, and church folk.

My fiance is an incredible man, folks. I love him more than I did a week ago, or a month ago, or two months ago. There is no man that I've known who I could be more excited to call my husband. I can't wait to live life with him.

So - I had a good month of vacation. Now, I'm home and busier than ever. I got a minor promotion at work, I got a second job, I'm planning my wedding, I'm looking for a place for Tim and I to live, I've begun running again, AND I'm in college again. There is, to state the obvious, a lot to do.

I'm thankful, though. I'm thankful that I don't feel overwhelmed. I'm thankful that the Lord is proving Himself to be true to His character, and is bringing things together seamlessly, in His right time. I'm thankful that my second job is something I can do from home. I'm thankful that I have a reason to not quit my job at the cafe. I'm thankful that I'm acing my class so far. I'm thankful that wedding plans are only a little stressful, and actually coming together fine. I'm thankful that I feel more organized than I do scattered.

This is a good season of my life. I'm thankful that this has been such a NICE year. Last year was the definition of hellish, and this year has been the opposite. I'm thankful that I trust the Lord again.

I am blessed.