January 23, 2015

2015 is the year of burritos.

Wow - I am blessed, thankful, and EXHILARATED. This month has been incredible. The first week of January, literally days 1-7, were each a delight. It was a great week. The memory of that week will put a smile on my face for a long time. Nothing bad happened. I went out for coffee, and had great conversation with a lady I worked with for about a day before she transferred. Most of our relationship was established on Facebook. We talked for hours, and drank really incredible coffee! A friend of mine ended up having to move pretty last minute, and I got to help him out/spend some time with him which was great, because he moved far away, and is going on tour with his band soon. So he won't be around. I got to spend a lot of time with friends (I'm pretty sure the first day of the year included Chipotle which is DEFINITELY a good omen), and it was just a really relaxing, wonderful, memorable week. I'm thankful that 2015 had such a positive kickoff.

From that point, I've started working at my new job, and I think I'm getting the hang of it. The people are really nice, and it's nice to have a job that I'm invested in because it's my job, but am just more reasonable about. I don't hang out, I don't really want to. It's nice, honestly.

There have been a lot of burritos in my 2015, come to think of it, as a random side note. It's not even a problem. Hashtag blessed.

MY SHOP. I'm starting a coffee shop, in case you hadn't heard the news. The space is cleared, cleaned, and PAINTED. I need furniture, and coffee. That's it. I can be open by March.

So, I went to New York yesterday. I drove there with a lady who will help me sometimes in my shop. I drove home alone. We went to Stumptown Coffee, and met with Jaime, my wholesale coffee contact. He did some pourover training with us, and we drank a TON of coffee. It was amazing. I know what kind of products I want to use, and I'm thrilled that it worked out for me to go up there. The Lord has been so faithful to put everything in place the way it should be.

I was literally at a point where I was convinced that my only option was to put it off until I had more money. God bless my mother, for being there even when I'm a terrible person, to encourage me and help me realize that even if all I had was a table and a lame coffee pot, I'd be happy to do that. She prayed for me, and things turned around. Everything fell into place. The ball started rolling.

I'm in awe. Shocked. I got to go to New York to drink coffee, and brew coffee, and see coffee get roasted from start to finish. I have visited my roaster. I've shaken his hand. MY roaster. I AM IN THE COFFEE BUSINESS. IT IS NOT REAL LIFE. It is. This is real life, and i can't believe it.

I got to see a friend from college yesterday to, and sleep at her house. She has a baby, and he's amazing, and it's so weird to know that she's a mom. Her husband is still a great guy, and I hope my friendship with them is one that continues to mature through this year, and my life. I don't want to miss out on people this year. I'm so bad a staying in touch with people, but I know I have to. The people in my life matter to me. But they'd never know it.

Sigh. It's okay. I won't be down on myself for failing at friendship sometimes.

On a lighter note - I'm thankful. I'm trying. I'm happy. I'm content. I'm surrounded by wonderful people. I'm listening to a lot of music.

Happy New Year.