December 27, 2012


I only have a couple more posts to write before I hit 100 by the end of the year! I love feeling any sense of accomplishment, and even though 100 posts in 365 days is hardly worthy of any applause, I am not ashamed of applauding myself.

After I write two more blog posts.

Anyhow, today, I'm still getting over a mild, but intrusive chest cold. I haven't been to the gym very consistently in a few weeks, and I am just feeling really out of wack. I think it's all the wheat I've been consuming the past couple weeks.

My parents and I stopped eating wheat a couple months ago. My mom and I have noticed a significant difference when we don't eat wheat as opposed to when we do. My dad noticed a little bit of a difference, but not as much.

It's insane!! I gained five fast pounds in a week and a half just from bringing wheat back into my diet - no other changes. It affects everything, though. I amd 95% positive that it's the reason I've been feeling so needlessly tired, and lazy. Today is the first day that I haven't had any wheat, and I already feel better. Totally bizarre, and legitimate. If I was a gym beast, it might be different, but I'm not, so it's irrelevant.

Speaking of being gone forever, I feel like coming up with some New Years Resolutions. I know it's fairly early yet for them, but hey. I don't care.

1a) Don't eat wheat. Now that I am officially convinced of it's evils, and that it hates me, I am no longer going to partake willy-nilly. The only time will resign this resolution is when I go to Paris, other literally once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and once-in-a-blue-moon connolis (I love them too much.) Otherwise, no. I know it soulds like I'm giving myself a lot of wiggle room, buwhen you consider how many things contain wheat, I'm really not.

1b) Be more committed in general to my overall health and fitness.

1c)Buy new running shoes.

2) Pay off the last $45 dollars of my Mt. Zion debt, resulting in getting my certificate, and having access to my official transcripts.

3) Complete a FAFSA and get started on continuing my education.

4) Pursue being more involved in my church.

5) Read more classic literature, including all of Shakespeare's work.

6) See Anberlin when they are in Boston in March (That's not really a resolution...but I'm fairly resolved to do it.)

7) Get a job, and save money.

8) Make a greater effort to keep in touch with my friends.

9) Get a handle on Boston and the T system.

10) Start learning the guitar again.

EDIT: 11) find a pottery class to take!

Enough for now.

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