December 26, 2012

Making Christmas, making Christmas, LA LA LA.

If you are a Nightmare Before Christmas fan, you can sing that, and it makes sense.

Well, yesterday was Christmas! It was a nice day. My parents and I had a nice afternoon. I woke up first (as usual,) and went to Starbucks to buy us some Christmas blend for the day. We had a bet that if I could keep my room clean for a week, loser buys Christmas morning coffee. I obviously lost. It's kind of embarrassing, but I blame the fact that my room got bombarded with Christmas gifts and stuff. I'm making excuses.

Anyway, we had our traditional coffee and cinnamon rolls, and opened our stockings first.

I GOT THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. That's all that matters. It's a fancy shpancy two disc special edition which is amaaaazinggggg. I would have been this excited about the regular dvd. She also got me a little Batman figurine, which I got way too excited about. She told me that she almost got me a cape and mask, but decided against it because she knew I would wear it.

The best line of the day was probably, "It be shopping in the BOY section..because it said very clearly, 'BOY' I pretended I was shopping for my little son, not my...21 year old daughter." Ahhhhh, me. I told my mom that I think I'm making up for all the time that I didn't dress up and pretend to be a princess or something.

So, now, as I make up for lost time, I'm Batman. >_>

That's the only gift I'm going to talk about. Everything, really, was great, but I feel weird listing out what I got. It's silly. However, I will brag on what my aunt Joy gave me. She gave me a lithograph print of a Van Gogh painting. It's gorgeous. It's incredible. It's hanging above my bed. I looked up what the lithograph printing process is, and it's really intense. Really.

So, Batman and Van Gogh. Two vastly different things that make me equally happy.

I'm a closet materialist. I don't really like talking about things people give me. Things that I purchase for myself, it's different somehow. But I do love being given things, and I love enjoying them.

I'm looking forward to New Years. I love fresh starts. Fresh, new years are no exception, It's like a gigantic empty, journal of life that you know is full of potential. I love looking at journals. You can buy fun ones, pretty ones, simple know it's a great journal, but you have no idea what you'll write inside of it. That is all to come.

I like that. I'll write another post about my "resolutions."

In other news, I'm thinking of trying to approach Starbucks again. I had such a great interview in Newburyport, I might try one more time. We'll see. Because now I'm more confident in my ability to learn the machines and drink recipes. I can actually sell myself a little bit.


I can trust Him.

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