August 12, 2012

Zoup's, Zumba, and VBS.

Last week was...well, not as busy as I anticipated it to be. Probably because the afternoons were spent lying in bed doing absolutely nothing, haha.

Well, let's start at the beginning. Last week, my friend Geraldine came to visit. Also this past week, was VBS, Wild West Style. Starting in chronological order:

I write an email late Sunday night asking if anyone can drive me to the train station after VBS on Monday so that I can meet Geri at South Station. The next morning I get one negative, and one nice lady named Heidi says she can take me. Dandy! The first day of VBS goes great. I was the music leader, and as far as I can tell, the kids are nothing short of genius for being able to learn five songs so quickly in sign language. I mean, I'm amazed that I can keep them straight in my head for more than a few hours. So.

On to the "station." I was expecting a train station. I was taken to a bus station...that went straight to South! Hollaaa. Saved money and just got Geri and I together in a snap. On the bus ride, I read the majority of an article in the New Yorker about Ben Stiller. But DANG - that thing was LONG. Like, a zillion pages. Maybe 15. Of tiny print. About Ben Stiller and the film world. Now, I love Ben Stiller AND the film world, but really?

Meet up with Geri, laugh right away, and we decide to make a day of Boston, since we're there already. My mom tells us to go to the Commons by taking such and such on the Red Line, etc. Now, as much as I love the T, I don't understand it at all, really. BUT. No need to think about it. In search for an Apple store, we ended up in the Commons just by walking. it was pretty great. So we just walked everywhere. Literally. From the South to the North of Boston. With luggage (the bag I carried apparently had ten pound weights in it, so that why I had indents in my shoulders by the end of the day.)

It was just a perfect day. We just walked and sat and laughed and talked. We took a Swan Boat ride. Waved at the Cheers bar. Met this great lady who loves the bikes that are placed all over the city for people to rent. She saw us look at them and began raving about how much weight she lost with them. And then told us we had to check out Cheers. We saw her again not long after, she was super.

We proceeded to take a really long detour (the opposite direction) to the North End. We had to turn around and cross the entire Commons. LONG.

Let's see. At some point (5:30ish?) we ended up at Government Center and were hungry (after eating pretty much nothing.) Tried doing Greek, but it was closed. So, we headed to Zoup's.

Enter Mannie. The guy who works at Zoup's. The guy who is a really obvious flirt, and yet not quite manly enough to directly ask a girl he's never met before out on a date. We stayed for a while so Geri could charge her phone and by the end of the night, after being indirectly asked out and telling Mannie that I don't make the first phone call, and not giving him my number, Mannie had given me his phone number and told me to text him, "When it's the right time."

Oh my. He was really smooth about it too. Had the way he was going to give me his number all planned out (it was tucked under the was kinda corny.) I'm keeping it as a momento of the first time a man has tried to pick me up. Certainly flattering considering that I looked like a mess.

Well, we leave Zoup's and Mannie, forever - we look across the street and see a bunch of people exercising! Geri and I are like..."We HAVE to go do that." So that's what we do. Disregarding any potential traffic, we run across the street and join this massive Zumba class! It was amazing. Definitely a major highlight of the week. We even stayed for the group picture, even though this was a group of people that had been meeting for weeks. It was too big to notice. Geri took a picture with the instructor too.

Oh man, that was fun. We then proceeded to find frozen yogurt and enjoy the night life...that is, sitting on a bench listening to musicians.

Well, after that, our days were pretty much the same. VBS, home, sleep and chill. We also worked out. It was an easy and yet tiring week.

On Friday, I dropped Geri off at the same bus station, finished VBS and went to my...*drum roll*

JOB INTERVIEW. Yes, I had an interview at Starbucks. Not Haverhill, but Newburyport (the one I really want deep down). The ladies at MSBC were sweet enough to lay hands on my and pray for me, and let me tell ya, prayer works! I was relaxed, I was myself, I had answers to questions. I felt comfortable with the Manager, Jackie, and I hope she liked me! I think she did. I really hope I hear back from her. I love Newburyport. It's just so darn adorable. The ocean is nice, too. But that shop is just so nice. And when I told her my coffee philosophy, she said that I was speaking the Starbucks language! Without even trying. I have the heart of Starbucks...HIRE ME. lol

Okay. Well, this is long. The end of my week was a massive cold. Thankfully it's subsiding. I feel fairly normal now, but yesterday and the day before were awful. Also, I am babysitting like a mad lady this week. Every day. Except Friday and the weekend. Which is okay, cuz I'm broke.

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