July 31, 2012

Times like this.

It's times like this that I become very human in my mind. I want to act out in very human ways and my mind says that I don't care who I offend. I want to curse, I want to yell, I want to run away. That would be the easiest thing.

Unfortunately, I lived through second year at Mt. Zion, and second year taught me, amongst other things, that I can't do the easy thing. I have to do the right thing, and too bad for me if I don't want to. I have to, good attitude or bad. Even still, the easiest way out is never an option I can make myself act out on. The furthest I go is having an irritated, apathetic attitude. I know it's not helpful to anyone, and hopefully someday I'll mature but until then, so it goes.

 I often wish that I could read minds, but it's really not a good superpower. God can read my mind, but He knows I'm a fallible human being who is never going to be perfect until I meet Him in glory.  I'm glad He doesn't judge me and still wants to talk to me.

I stubbed my toe today. I hit it so hard that I actually started to cry - that hasn't happened in a long time. It still hurts, so I think it might be bruised.

Anyway. On a lighter note, I got a really exciting phone call today. I was expecting a call from the Starbucks in Newburyport, because today is when the manager was going to be in. I was praying that I'd hear the phone ring, because my phone is really slow sometimes, especially with phone calls and voice mail. Well, I go to check my phone, and suddenly a bunch of texts come in; notifications from Facebook. Notifications that I had already seen. There was also a voice mail. "Great," I thought to myself, "The manager might have called and I missed it! I knew that would happen. Uhhgg." So, I call my voice mail. The message is as follows:

"Hi, Hannah! This is Billy, the manager of Starbucks in Haverhill. I wanted to see if you could come in for an interview tomorrow. I'm leaving soon, but here's my cell phone number..." What?! Didn't I JUST talk to this guy yesterday? The guy who said he wasn't going to consider anyone who couldn't work Friday, Saturday AND Sunday? I figure he got the chance to actually look at my application, and thought I was awesome? I have no idea. Well, I call the number. No answer. I check the message, make sure I got it right, call again. He picks up. Sounds upbeat, happy to hear from me. We talk, he says the interview time is tomorrow at 12:30.

Me: I will..make it work!
Him: Are you sure? Because my time is very limited and I have a lot of other candidates.
Me: No, I will definitely be there!
Him: (Sounding upbeat)) Great! Thanks so much, Hannah!
Me: Thank YOU so much! I'll see you tomorrow!
Him: See you then.

Okay, ummmmm what?! What in the world just happened? I was not expecting that at all. In any way, shape or form. I mean, he clearly said no yesterday. But hey...what have I said so many times in the recent past?

That God does the unexpected. That's how He rolls. Who knows? Billy could say no. I could be the wrong person. I'm trusting the Lord because He clearly has things in perfect order and control. I'm confident in that much.

Ahh. Just talking about that lifted my mood quite a bit.

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