July 24, 2012


Today has been really great so far. I woke up nice and early, did Pilates and went to do some work at the gym. Finished up there with enough time to chill and spend time with the Lord before getting picked up for babysitting. Now, children are napping.

I finished cleaning my room last night. It was, to say the least, really bad. So...let's just keep it at that it's now lovely and clean. Laundry is washed, bed linens are washed. Fresh start.

I think when I counted up my money that I'm saving to go to Colorado and actually figuring how much I need kinda jump-started me into...this. Whatever this attitude is that I suddenly subconciously have and am acting out on willingly. I mean...wanting to wake up at 7:30? Never have I ever. EVER.

Yet, I find that I want to. I want to wake up earlier and have an actual morning. An actual routine. I want to be sure that I can spend some time with the Lord. I'm kinda grassrooting that - not literally, but kind of. I took a bunch of devotional books that were collecting dust on my shelf and put them on my bedside table. I put my Bibles there too. And everything I read today applied to..well, where I've found myself at. Not surprisingly, that's what God does. He meets us where we're at.

By the way, if you ever thought, "I wonder if she's still running?" Well, I'm not. One day my knee just started hurting and I think between the wrong shoes (or simply becoming worn out), and not knowing how to run properly, I did something wonky. So...that's off for now. Maybe when I can't go to the gym anymore - I don't know when that day is coming.

Speaking of the gym: cute potential new trainer. That's all I need to say. Ha! I shake my head at myself.

Oh! I also put in my application to three Starbucks. I'll probably wait until tomorrow to do a follow-up call. (Please, oh please can I work there?)

Well. That's all. Just wanted to let you know I'm growing up.

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