July 30, 2012

Exciting things. Kind of boring blog post.

I am looking forward to the next couple weeks. This week, I only have one other day of work at the gym. It's kinda nice to not have anything to do. Not that's freakishly busy anyway, but still. So far I haven't made complete use of the day, but..eh, I'm trying to not be so hard on myself. I'll do some Pilates.

But I'm waiting to hear back from some managers who weren't in the stores this week. Prime hiring time. And if the family I sit for is moving soon, then..hey, gotta have somewhere to go. The Haverhill store turned me down before an interview because I won't work on Sunday. Oh well. I didn't really want to work there, anyway, honestly. I'm kinda hoping for good news from Newburyport because...that's just a cute town, man.

Anyhow. VBS is next week. I'm the music leader again. More sign language. Geraldine is coming to visit next week, too! I love her! If you don't remember who she is, here's a picture of us from when I visited New York back in May:

I love this lady!

I dunno what we're gonna do. Aside from VBS. Hopefully some time can be spent in Boston, of course. But hey, we go with the flow.

Something else is happening next week, but it's a surprise (I think I've only told three people.)  I'm reallyreallyreally excited about it. Hopefully it ends up being as great as I'm expecting.

Mmm...New Brother's Night this weekend. We'll see what happens there.

Waylllll.......I don't have much to say. Just that I'm looking forward to life, I guess. Day by day, anything could happen.

Actually, I've been thinking about college a lot, lately. Not Mt. Zion, but what I want to study in the future, when I have the opportunity. I mean, what I want to do with my life is make coffee for people and make people happy. Aside from get married, etc :P  But I'm interested in a lot of other things.

I very much want to study behavioral psychology (psychology in general, really.) I love history, and theatre. It'd be great to be certified an an ASL translator. But before I do any of that, I should do my Gen Ed and finish my degree in Biblical Studies. It's around this time of life that I wish my school had been accredited. Oh well.

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