July 1, 2012

Upbeat Update.

Today was a nice day. Went to church with my parents; first time in......a really long time. And, well, it was a nice service. Nice people. Received unexpected validation for my life (mild exaggeration), and as silly as it probably is in the big picture, it still puts a big smile on my face.

I'm not always the most observant person when it comes to myself, buuuut...between chick flicks, Bible college, innumerable conversations with my mother about men and the past year - my senses are much more advanced. Of course, observation is easy, even if you aren't very skilled, when the things you're observing are really obvious.

Do with that what you will ;)

Also took a nice, solid nap this afternoon, which is totally a win. I don't usually nap on Sundays...I don't think. Then I chilled at home with Mexican leftovers and Psych. OH! Also looked at a friend's wedding pictures! Gorgeous wedding. Gorgeous people. The photographer got some, what I think are, hilarious shots of me and Geraldine. I'm not sure what made us a candid photo subject, but it might be because we were such a riotous part of our table - there was a lot of laughing that day. HA! I'm totally going to buy copies.  

So, that was my day. In other news....mmmm...Well, Friday was the longest day in the history of ever. Early work, bed at 4am. Like I had it bad, my parents didn't get home until 2 in the afternoon the next day O_O But it was good. I had a really nice conversation with a good friend, that unexpectedly resulted in answered prayer (literally, like, a year and a half of begging God to just TAKE CARE OF IT already. Being frustrated with myself and others, and living in denial and then not being denial....drama. That is now all over because God loves us.)

Saturday, I was a bum. And I liked it. Slept in nice and late, and well....did nothing of significance. Except put of curtains in my room. I really need to work in my room. Hm.

Well, that's a random snippet of my current life. Well, past weekend. OH! And THIS weekend, I'm house sitting for Zeke and Kiaya because they are my favorite. I'm excited because I'll get to live on my own for a couple days in Concord, NH, which is apparently a pretty neat town. Very much looking forward to that.

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