July 21, 2012


I love Batman. So much. I sincerely pray that whoever I marry loves Batman too and will have Batman marathons with me. You think I'm kidding, but I'm totally serious. It's something I pray for.

Anyhow. The Dark Knight Rises. It is a Milestone Movie because it's the first movie I drove myself, alone, to go see. I'm very happy.

I love driving. It's just fun. Now, I'm just waiting for that car to appear in my driveway. Sharing a car with my busy father is going to be sad. I feel more grown up, now.

I don't have much to say. I am planning something mildly radical. Only a few people know about it. But it's RADICAL. For me, anyway. I'm not much of a daredevil. I tend to be fairly conservative and don't change very frequently.

O_O SO RAD. Okay, moving on.

Let's see...currently on my mind:

- Men
- The colors I'm wearing (teal, yellow, grey)
- My hair
- Church
- Cooking chicken
- How attractive Christian Bale is, STILL. I think he's going to handsome forever and ever.
- I need to blow my nose.
- The process of becoming an adult.
- kgnhsl;jtorihjlknfhkl;fh;jtrpsrok'p;kfgsfd;m

I'm done.


  1. ; ) I have always been a HUGE Batman fan. HUGE. I discovered him when I was in... I think... 4th grade? Comic Books. I was given a comic book by a nice man, and that was it for me. I read a few other CB,s, but only Batman rang true. I loved him. People who don't get it, just won't get it. Not the TV Batman. The real Batman, from the comics. Although, I did watch the TV Batman, because, well, it was something, at least. And, yes... Christian Bale is by far the best Batman, although, I do have a soft spot for Michael Keaton's version, too. Batman is the perfect hero.

    1. I love Michael Keaton's Batman! He is fantastic!