July 16, 2012

"Our house, in the middle of our street."

As this night is progressing, that's the song that's stuck in my head. Mainly because of the words "Our house."

Of course, having some sweet brass in the background would be nice, too.

Have I mentioned how much I love the blog, Vanilla & Lace? She's the wife of the lead singer of Showbread (if you haven't heard of them, Wikipidedia describes them as "Screamo, hardcore, alternative rock,post-hardcore and metalcore." The band themselves describe their sound as "Raw Rock.") Well, however you want to describe them, they are one of my favorite bands - I have an enormous amount of respect for them and what they do - and Josh Porter's wife is a really great lady. She's only about a year or two older than me, and has definitely made status of "role model" for me. It sounds corny, but hey. We all look up to someone because there's always someone cooler than us that we want to be like. She's simply one of them.

So, check out her blog. You might like it. I go there when I feel down and out. I think it's the light colors and all the pictures that brighten my mood.

In other news, I take my drivers test tomorrow! Pray that I pass so that I can finally have my license and drive wherever I want! I want my first big thing that I do to be driving to the movie theatre and having a Superhero Back-to-Back. All by myself. Basically just being a rockstar for the night.

Also, if anyone wants to make plans with me, please do. Cuuuuuzzz...I'll be able to drive there. HECK YES FOR NOT DEPENDING ON PEOPLE FOR RIDES! WOOHOO!!

Yeah, I'm a little excited. No big deal.

In other, other news, I'm doing music for VBS again this year. I'm considering getting certified in ASL because of this past year doing music and learning some ASL along the way. It's kinda neat this year, actually. I'm going to be teaching the signs to a missions team this week that is going to Canada. And...I dunno. There's something kinda neat about your work being used on a mission trip..especially one that I'm not even going on. Anyway.

Good times. Check out Showbread and Vanilla & Lace. 

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