July 19, 2012

Songs are in my head all day.

Portions of them, anyway. It's like having a mix CD that's really scratched and skips.

I'm making a decision today.

If you know me at all, or have read any portion of my blog, you know that I love coffee. I have an entire philosophy about it, and all I really want to do is make coffee for people so that they can be happy.

Last year, when I got home from college, my plan was to apply at Starbucks and live happily ever after. So I applied, had one interview and then another. Then...I never heard back from them. Cold shoulder rejection. But I took it in stride and said, I'll apply again next year! I figured that they didn't hire me because I played myself too confident and too fangirly about the company. I also had no reliable ride..so, being weird and unreliable does not make for a good employee.

Well, it's been a year. Maybe a little over a year, exactly. I've grown up a bit, I've been humbled by my actual lack of coffee making skills, and I have my driver's license (!!!) I've also matured in my long range thinking when it comes to working at Starbucks because of my dream to own my own coffee shop. Last year I was ditzy and just wanted tobe a barista because it looked cool and I LOVEDSTARBUCKSSOOOOOOMUCH. Now, I want to sincerely learn how to make quality drinks, and excel. Become a manager. Climb the corporate ladder, as it were. I have a goal now, and I need to take steps to acheive it.

And I understand that a lot of people are like, "OMG Starbucks coffee is grosssss. They don't support our soldiers, they don't do this or that...blah blah blah." Okay, that's fair. But when it comes to being a commercialized brand, they're on the top of the list of Good Coffee Places. If there was a Tim Horton's around here, I might conside them because they didn't disappoint me. Indie coffee shops are super and I love hanging out in them, but they all make their drinks differently. Chain stores have a system. Something to memorize and build from. That's what I want to do. Learn and then experiment.

So anyway, today is Samantha & Hannah Go Get Coffee Day, and I think I'm going to apply again. I was wary at first because my attitude has been to go all out and be available all day every day. My babysitting schedule is different, though consistent and I worried that they couldn't work with it. But hey. That's why they ask when you're available. And I don't have to be full time right away. I can start part time and go from there.

If it doesn't work out, it's not to be. Right now, or possibly ever. I try somewhere else. The Lord knows my heart and my desires. My job is to step forward until He stops me. But He won't stop me unless I step forward.

So there.

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