July 12, 2012

Felt like it.

See that, up there? That's my next trip, hopefully. My best Ukrainian is out in Colorado, living it up and having a great life - which I am super happy about for her. But dang! I have been REALLY missing her this past week! I tend to miss people by default when I don't get to see them or talk to them frequently, but there comes a point when I will sincerely MISS someone. Like, really wishing I could see their face in real life. Wishing I could do nothing with them, as long as it's in real life. Dead air is okay when you're actually with someone, you know? Over the phone, or even video chatting - it's just weird. Well, this time it's Anna.

Anyhow. The original plan was that I fly out to Colorado when she's done working there for a year, and we take a super wonderful road trip back home. However, situations (good ones!) may dictate that I just fly there and fly home. We'll have to see what happens :) Either way - I'm saving up my coins (and a few dollars when I can).

This is Anna and me, from...I think February when we went to the Revival services at our Bible college.

In other news...thoughts frolicking through my mind:
- The music in Adele's songs.
- My super cute yellow mug.
- My inability to stop buying bright green t-shirts.
- Roman's wedding next May (I don't think I'll ever be not super excited for him.)
- Random friendships that I've made recently.
- Curry scrambled eggs.
- Whether I should get a smoothie tonight or not.
- Where I stand on Maroon 5.
- How the guitar riff that is played throughout Relient K's "Here I Am," sounds like something eleventyseven would play.
- What happened to Caleb from 11t7? I had a huge crush on him.

Well, that's all. Just something random cuz I felt like blogging. 

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