June 12, 2012

Living in a big picture day by day.

I have decided that I like Jack Johnson's music.

Aside from that, I've been thinking about my hopes and dreams. About the looks people give me when I tell them all I want to do is make coffee for people. No, I really don't want to work in a dumb office building doing something I hate.

I want to learn how to make good coffee so that people can have a better life. Me making thousands of dollars doesn't make Joe Shmo's day a little brighter does it? No. A cup of coffee and a place to relax in for however long he wants will. Me making thousands of dollars won't help the kids in my town to choose not to go to the bar on Friday nights, but a place that stays open late on weekends that has standards but also a relaxed atmosphere might.

Okay, so maybe my calling is to be a youth leader. I've always had a heart for the in-between crowd and I always get upset when I see churches jacking up their teenagers.

It's up in the air, but here's the thing.

I always feel comforted when I can sit and hold a cup of coffee. I know dozens of people who feel the same way. Or tea, if that's how you roll. Sometimes people just need a chance to leave the world outside and sit inside and relax. For as long as they need to. With 25 cent refills. And that place just isn't readily available to everyone. Especially not in my town. Almost every day I wish I had a place to just GO. A place to walk off to because I knew it would be open and ready to make me feel better. But does Georgetown have that? No. So I sit on the steps until I get bored. LAME.

People relax with each other when they enjoy coffee together - in a good way. Not in a ultimately body-destryoing way like over booze.

At night we'd have decaf available, and on weekends there would be free treats.

The past year has been really hard. For me, for my family, for my friends. We all wanted, at some point, a place to run away to. Maybe not specifically a coffee shop in every scenario, but still. Life is hard. As people with feelings and needs, we deserve a place to chill. that we can go to any time. To recharge. Refill, if you would.

I want to do that for people. I want to serve others so that they can have a few minutes, or even a couple hours of peace.

It takes time. I know that. So be it. And stop judging me when I say that I want to make coffee for people.


  1. I BELIEVE IN YOU!!! You could call it ReFill!:)

    1. I love that you said that, ecause I've been wanting to call it ReFill fo a while now :) Thats why I slipped that in there. Fiures that you'd catch ot, being my mom and all ;)