August 27, 2012

Love Square

That's a phrase I just coined a little while ago. Similar to a Love Triangle, only there is someone for everyone. "Well, what's the conflict? Sounds like everyone wins." Ah, but you see, each person in the Love Square is with the wrong partner. That's the conflict. "Okay, fine. What's the solution?" The solution is that they all get a clue and get with who they're meant to be with. Duh.

Anyway. These are the kind of things my mother and I talk about. We laugh.

Have you met my cat, Pudge? Technically, he's my dad's cat. My cat was Cinderella, and she passed away.

He's a beautiful cat. I mention him because he's sitting not far from me and I have to pet him every once in a while because he is irresistibly soft. Unfortunately, his claws are Raptor sharp. He's also kinda dopey, and my dad sings songs to him, but...he's wonderful. I'm his favorite.

When my mom gets off the phone, I'm going to take a deep breath and follow up with Starbucks about my interview. I really want that job. Pray that I get it. Just a quick, "Lord, let her get that job." You can pray it in your head. Real quick. Now.

Thanks :)

Way-ull..............I don't have too much to say these days. There isn't a whole lot going on. That's okay.

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