August 30, 2012

Who knows.

I applied to Barnes & Noble, yesterday. I'm actually really excited about the idea of working there. Then again, I can get excited about anything (true story. I'm very easily pleased.)  The more I thought about it, I figured it would be a better first job. I mean, it seems pretty clear that the Starbucks door just isn't open to me, yet, and when I look at it objectively, it is a pretty ambitious first job (you know what I mean.) It's not that I don't think I could do it, I do. At least, I think I could. I'd like the chance to try. BUT that's where it gets sticky. I can't "try" at a job like that. It's a real-world job. People don't want to hire someone who just has a "good feeling" about their potential abilities to memorize a zillion recipes, and do whatever else is required for the gig. Not that the demand is less at B&N, but it's certainly different (I applied for the Cafe and the Store, SO there's still a chance, if I get hired, to work in a coffee shop.)

The manager told me yesterday that I might hear from them today, and if I don't I can call. Which I will, believe you me.

Ever since I watched You've Got Mail for the first time, I wanted to work in a book store. So really, I'm not giving up on anything. I'm dusting off an old dream. We'll see. It was really exciting to be able to write down on my application that I'm available from open to close, basically every day.

Oh! So, I got a random yext from my friend Ashley yesterday. She asked if I would come visit when Allix went up there, if she bought my ticket as an early Christmas gift. "No, Ashley. I hate everyone and would never accept a free train ticket." NOT. I was like, "How could I NOT visit?" So. I'm going to see some friends in October. It makes me happy. Hopefully it won't hurt my chances of getting a job. The Lord knows. His will be done.

That's Ashley, Allix and me :) I like them lots and lots.
So, that's my life. I'm sleepy. I should nap while the kids are napping.

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