August 20, 2012

Did you know...

...I love the song "Hey, Soul Sister" by Train. I'm not quite sure why.
...Despite Oscar Wilde's very depressing life (the book of his plays I got has a well-detailed, but summarized bio), he and his work fascinates me.
...I stumbled upon wheezywaiter on YouTube, and I've been in a reverse marathon for several weeks. He has over 600 videos, so it's going to take a while.
...I got blond highlights in 2008, and I still have some at the ends of my hair. This fascinates and kind of weirds me out.
...In the times that I've gone to Boston without my parents, I have managed to get lost and find my way only by walking. I have yet to figure out and confidently use the T system.
...I have a handful of "silly romantic daydreams", and I actually believe that the Lord will orchestrate them (especially since one of them has happened. Two, maybe. One definitely and it was so surreal, I knew it was just God being like, "Here, this experience will make you happy." And I was like, "Whaaaat?")
...If I can't get a job at a coffee shop, a book store is my next choice.
...I've decided that You've Got Mail is my number one favorite rom com.
...My second is Dan in Real Life. No questions asked.
...My third is While You Were Sleeping.
...As much as I appreciate science and logic, etc, I just can't deny my love for the arts. Acting/theatre especially. I just love it.
...For some reason I feel like I need to justify the above. I need to just accept that it's who I am :P
...Also, though I enjoy participating in theatre, I love appreciating and observing good acting. And well made films.
...It's hard to explain.
...I had an Adele song in my head when I started writing this blog.
...I like structured and spontaneous things. Usually at the same time.
...I know, right?
...I'm perceptive, but sometimes I think that I'm convincing myself of what I want to believe.
...But more often than not, I'm completely right about my perceptions.
...I try to remind myself of that, especially when my only reasons for doubting are low self esteem issues.
...These are just my random thoughts as they come to me.

I think it's good to do things like this once in a while - it helps me cement in my head who I am as a person. Not that I don't know who I am, but you know. It's good to step back and be like, "Yeah...I DO enjoy this. No, I DON'T want to do that one day."


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