August 22, 2012

Men and women can't be friends...or can they?

I've been wanting to take up running again. I jacked up my knee before, but I really enjoyed doing something every day that was not the norm for me and made me feel good about my life.

I have a workout at 4:30 today, maybe I'll go for one before coming home.

(I'm listening to my mom and my grandma's Aid, Kristine, chat about this and that. It's fun.She's been coming for almost two years, and we're getting to become more like friends with her now, and it's nice.)

I just felt like blogging, but I don't know what to write about.

Wait! Yes, I do. Okay, so you'll recall that I recently bought a book of Oscar Wilde's plays. I started reading it a couple days ago, and the first play is called "Lady Windermere's Fan."

While I was reading yesterday, I realized something about the character of Lady Agatha (she's the daughter of the Duchess of Berwick.) See, Lady Agatha has only ever said the words, "Yes, Mamma." However, here is what I know about Lady Agatha: She has delicate health, is in love with a man named Mr. Hopper, who is from Australia; she wants to visit Australia, and has accepted the proposal of what I assume is marriage from Mr. Hopper - and is very excited about it. Also, she apparently is sillier than she seems at first.

And yet, all she says is "Yes, Mamma." Sometimes, "Yes, Mamma!" Isn't that amazing? That a man would take the time to write a character so seemingly dull (that's what I thought when I realized all she said was two words,) and yet she's far more interesting! I'm sorry, it's just...this guy is pretty great. For all his problems and ego, there is no denial of his talent.

Also, we can't overlook Wilde's worldly wise ways.

"Between men and women there is no friendship possible. There is passion, enmity, worship, love, but no friendship." - Lord Darlington, "Lady Windermere's Fan"

Before I came across this line (I had heard the quote before, but I didn't realize it was in a play,) I had been thinking/journaling about a friendship with a man.

And then I read that, and was like, "Oscar, you sly dog." And then I shrugged and said to myself, "Well, I guess we'll see. Oscar could be wrong."

Oscar isn't wrong. I'm just telling myself he is.

So, anyway. I'm really glad I bought this book. I started carrying books around with me (read, I have done it once so far.) I'm trying to read more of the Bible and spiritual books in general, because my walk with the Lord has been weak these past months. Not because I don't talk to the Lord, or anything. My faith is secure, and I talk to the Lord all the time, but I don't feed myself with the Word, etc. So I'm reading daily devotionals (Oswald Chambers, Andrew Murray, and Joni Erikson Tada) and like a Psalm and a Proverb every day. A guy from MZ also started an online Bible Study group for whoever wants to jump in. They just did the book of John, which I didn't do, but today they're starting Acts and I'm going to do that too.'s not much, but it's way more than I've been doing lately. I'm optimistic.

So...Improving my health, my culture and spiritual walk. Not bad.

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