January 7, 2013

Train lyrics in my head.

Today is the first "back to normal" day for me. Babysitting in Amesbury is back on, and I'm going to do some work at the gym in a little while.

I think my time at Wicked Big is done for now. It's kind of sad, but I'm okay with it. I haven't gone in for a couple weeks, and today, since I was mailing packages and the Cafe is down the street, I went and got a cup of coffee. There was no mention of when I was going to come in again, so I didn't bring it up. Like I said, it's okay, though. He let me come in to train me, and really, I've got a basic handle on making coffee, so there's no need for me to keep going.

But of course I'll still go to hang out. It was nice - I walked in and everyone was happy to see me. Like Cheers: Where everybody knows your name. Haha, I know, that was corny. But it's true. And it's nice to be friends with the people in my local coffee shop. It's something I've always wanted, actually. I know, my dreams are so pathetic. Don't care.

At this point, with so much free time on my hands, I really have to be accountable to myself for trying to find work and stuff. I can't use the excuse of needing to be home, so I can't commit to anything yet. Doors will open, but I have to try walking through them first.

It'll be nice when I have other things to blog about aside from trying to find a job :P

I just can't do much else until I do. I could be crazy and try to move somewhere...but not until I have enough money saved. Which I can't save until I have it..coming into my life.

ANYWAY. Moving on. I have yet to grab hold onto my resolution to read more books. Maybe after the gym today I'll sit down and FINALLY make some headway on Wuthering Heights. I don't know how many times I've started that book and then put it down again. I'm in the middle of SO MANY BOOKS. UHG. I'm a terrible bookworm.

Well, time to get ready to go. 

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