January 4, 2013

Hello, again.

Today has been a simple day. My cousin came over and she, my mother and I packed up most of Grandma's stuff. Took some things. I took a couple of her goose-down pillows. She loved them, and I have always loved how soft they were. I took some other random things..not necessarily for any really personal memory behind it. I don't want to take things just to take them. I took a pair of mittens that are big and cozy and probably crazy warm, and I like to use things that have memories behind them if I can. Unless I can somehow create a piece of art or something...like, Beth is going to make a shadowbox. But I'm not crafty..not to make anything sentimental. So, I took things that I liked, could remember her using or really liking, and that I could use. Maybe it sounds kind of greedy, but that's not my heart.

That's just how I like memories. Something that I won't have to just have and remember because I went through a box of stuff that I kept. Something that I can utilize in a simple way, but it's meaningful at the same time.

Anyway. That's mostly been the day so far. I have a workout later, and tomorrow.

So, I came up with a new resolution for myself. I've always hated oatmeal. My Grandma tired to get me to eat it for years because it was good for me, but I just hated it so much. I tried it again at the end of my internship, and...uhg, it was gross. I couldn't handle it.

BUT I know it's really good for me. Healthy people eat oatmeal. My boss at the gym was shocked that I didn't like oatmeal, lol. So, I'm going to try. People have given me suggestions on Facebook for how to make it tasty. Mostly by putting sugar in it...which I think defeats the purpose, but to start, it's probably the only way to go.

I'm thinking of putting granola in it, because I don't like slimy food. If it has to be slimy, I like something to add texture to it. So...since granola is pretty much crunchy oatmeal, I figure it wouldn't hurt to try. Plus, that can add some flavor too.

We'll see.

Well, it seems like the beginning of the year always invites boring posts. Nothing going on. Nothing started. Nowhere to go.

I'm trying to get some babysitting gigs. They can pay really well, and it's really the only work that I have the most experience for. Now that I have a car, it'll be easier to get hired. Most jobs require that you have transportation. So, we'll see.


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