January 19, 2013

Fo Sho Bro.

Anyone have cable that wants to invite me over to their house on February 15th to watch Psych all night long? Thanks.

I went for a run today, which was good because I haven't worked out for a couple days. I made a mile, with a couple of stops because my asthma was acting up. I need to build up my stamina again, because when I first started a few months ago, my asthma became a non-issue. But I'm glad I made the mile, and I'm just glad I went out - I was really craving a run. It wasn't too gross outside either, which was a plus.

Had a nice night with Priscilla last night. We didn't go to the Bible study because most of the group was at a retreat or something. So instead, I went over to her place. We watched Sense & Sensibility, and talked for a couple hours after that. It was really great, I love that we're hanging out.

It was also an interesting night, but I won't go into details, because that would be foolish. Let's just say that I need to pray more, and leave it at that, eh? haha

Oh, I'm going to a cooking class tomorrow! It starts at 11 am, so my plan is to make it to the 8:30 service at CCC and head to the class from there. I need to look up how far away Lynnfield is from Peabody. I don't think it's very far.

Anyway, the class is at Williams-Sonoma, and it's free. They have a free cooking class of some kind almost every weekend. Tomorrow's is about cooking vegetarian foods. It should be a lot of fun, and maybe I can make a habit out of going, which would be super.

Well, there isn't much more to say. I was doing really well at being pretty structured, but I'm kind of losing ground with a few things. Mostly working out and keeping my room organized. I'm getting better at doing devotions though - devotional books AND the Bible, which makes me really happy.

Oh, neat story - yesterday, I went job-hunting, and ended up in a Used Book store. The man wasn't hiring, but the fellow who was there, chatting with him, told me that his daughter owns a business in Haverhill, and last he heard, was looking to hire someone. I gave him my info, and we'll see what comes about with that. She's in Seattle right now, so it'll probably be a few days before I hear from her again.

I knew this was going to be an interesting year. I can already sense the air shifting...kind of like Pocahontas. That's weird.

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