September 11, 2012

Opposites attract.

Today has been a direct opposite of yesterday, and I have been taken completely by surprise.

Starting last night, I guess, a woman I know encouraged me to apply at the Starbucks she works at in New Hampshire. I put in my application today, and she told her manager about it. No word yet, but that's not a surprise. Then, right after this, I received a phone message from Maryl, a woman I worked with over my internship (At Light of the World, the greatest church ever, ever, ever.) She called to tell me about a job fair next week for seasonal positions where she worked. So, okay. I'd be a fool to not go and apply, so obviously..I'm going to do that.

Then, just now, I received an encouraging card and gift from my friend Joanna. She lives in Virginia, and we became friends by being roommates and Kitchen Staffers at Camp Clear in 2008 (that wasn't all that brought us together. Old movies, Cary Grant, and boys were a part of our friendship glue.) She's the only person I write letters with, and ultimately, those letters are the reason we are good friends. She's from Virginia, so we obviously haven't seen much of each other. Hopefully she'll come up soon to bake and watch girly movies.

Anyway, overall a very different day.

On a different note, I still have yet to do my workout thing...I haven't had time, yet. I HAVE to do it before I go to bed, though. I'm determined to do it every day.

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  1. "You remind me of a man..."

    It struck me when I read the part about boys being a part of our friendship glue (I like that concept), because it's been so long since then that now we would talk about MEN. Weird. X)