September 20, 2012

I'm blogging to distract myself.

My mom and I just finished watching a movie called "A Good Woman." It's based on Oscar Wilde's play, "Lady Windermere's Fan," which I happened to have just read a few weeks ago. We stumbled upon it, really. I recognized the opening line of the movie as Oscar, and remembered that the title was the alternate title for the original play.

Throughout the movie, many of the male characters' lines were bits of Wilde's negative, snarky wit. By the end of the film, I sighed inside, and said to myself, "Man, I love Oscar Wilde!" Which, if you read my blog (Brad...), you'll know already that I am, for reasons that I'm not sure of, a big Oscar fan. There's just something about him. He was such a sad person, though. Maybe it's the aspect of him that he just didn't care what anyone thought of him. He set out to make a name for himself by being completely out there - and he did, in a very short period of time. He was bizarre and successful. He was wise, too. So many things that he wrote into his stories are just simple, witty, and wise. 

Anyway, I enjoyed the movie. They stayed true to the original story quite well, which is something I appreciate (and pounce on when it's not done well.) My Grams is like that, too.

Amongst other people that I love, the recent addition is David Tutera. This guy is fantastic!! He knows everything about anything concerning etiquette, design, style...he's amazing! I look at all the DIY pins on Pinterest for weddings, and I'm like, "What would David Tutera say about this?" Because all the brides he works with are like, "Blah, blah, I made this, blah," and he's like, "No. No way." And I'm like, "Yeah, man. He's totally right."

He has opened my eyes to wedding planning. I'll never be the same. 

In other news that won't make people uncomfortable (speaking of which, if you're afraid of what I'm going to write on my blog, just don't read it. Coming here is just proof that you're LOOKING for something to be afraid of. Just saying.)

I got over the hump which is 219. Yay for me.

The Office's final season started today. I didn't watch it. I'll watch it tomorrow. Apparently, it was "hilarious." Well, I don't doubt that. I love The Office. That is a show that I would buy the box set of. I'm not willing to do that with many thing...not that I watch much TV anyway. The Office,'s special. 

That's all, I think. 

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