September 7, 2012

I'm still tired.

Pretty pathetic title. It's just a fact. I'm taking a nap after I write this.

Wednesday, I had an interview at Barnes and Noble. I think it went well, (it must have been at least okay, because I have another interview tonight) and I wish that I had remembered to tell her about things like my internship and stuff. I m ean, she was talking about how it's hard work, and I don't have a lot of experience. They want someone who can handle being called on in the middle of doing two other things. Now, that's one of my pet peeves, but I'm able to do it. If you're going to work at MH, you have no choice but to be flexible. "Go up the hill!" Oncew you get there, "Come back down to Sister So-and-so's class." Thirty minutes later, "Watch the kids during their break time." Okay. And that can literally all happen within an hour and a half of time. So, you do that for six months with kids of all ages and temperments...I just have a feeling I could get the hang of retail fairly quickly.

Maybe I'll have the chance tonight. Anyway, on Wednesday, it was funny because the woman, who I enjoyed, told me fairly early on that she wasn't sure what to expect from me because I was homeschooled and went to a ministry school. I didn't really think anything of it, and then when she asked me, out of curiosity, "not a part of the interview," how I would react if someone wanted help finding a book that wasn't Christian (her example was Witchcraft), I kind of tilted my head like, "Umm..huh?" And I said I'd help them find it. It's not my job to tell people what to believe...not in that situation. I don't know what her experience with Christians has been. It's either purely media driven, or just plain bad. She seemed pretty relieved that I wasn't someone who shoves it in people's faces. She also asked more than once if my parents were okay with me applying for this job, or if they were disappointed that I wasn't following in their footsteps of working with prison ministry. Of course it's okay!

If I get the job, it'll be nice to live my life and show how Christians can be normal people, too. I'm not the chick from Steel Magnolias, I promise.

At the end of the interview, I asked if I had any part of a good chance of getting the job. She told me that she wouldn't have scheduled another interview if she didn't think I had potential. She told me I was delightful early on in the interview. So, that's good, right? We'll see how it goes with Tony, tonight. I secretly want him to be some burly, mafioso Italian guy, but he probably isn't.

Yesterday, my mom and I went to Portland to have a tea party with my cousins, Beth and Allison (and Annaka, Beth's daughter, of course.) It was a really nice time. As sad as it sounds, we rarely get together with family for things other than Thanksgiving and Christmas or them coming to visit Grandma. Sometimes Easter, or the 4th of July. Other than that, though, we don't see them too often, so this was nice :)

Maine is beautiful. While we were on the Maine Turnpike, which is full of trees on both sides, I could just imagine the trees all orange, gold, and red, and gorgeous...for whatever reason I REALLY want fall to be here. Can't wait.

Mmm..well, that's all. My brain is slowing down.  I'm going to nap before too much time passes and the kids wake up.

Aaaaand today is my last day of babysitting. So..yeah.

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