September 22, 2012


I found my iPod today! I couldn't find my current brown purse, so I pulled out the other one, went through the pockets, and whaddaya know? There it was. Mind you, it's been missing for MONTHS. Like, literally months. It's made train rides REALLY boring. It's made me uninspired to go walking or running. It's literally made my life dull.

No more! Tomorrow, I can go for a run, and be completely uninhibited by the outside world. You may be wondering, "If your iPod has been missing for so long, what did you do when you WERE running that short time?"'s pitiful. My phone is quickly becoming really ghetto, and because of that, Pandora or Spotify don't work when there is no internet connection. So...I listened to 30-second long song clips. Ringtones that I had downloaded. The choruses of Rolling In the Deep, Billie Jean, and Volare.

Pathetic, I know.

My mom is going through a bunch of my old clothes from storage. One item, my D.A.R.E. shirt, made me laugh. We got them on the last day of school, and I remember being at the school picnic, chasing down Jon, the boy I had been in love with all year, to sign it. His was the only signature I wanted. He never liked me. We even ended up in the guidance counselor's office, because it was so crushing for me. Our lockers were next to each other, or at least one over from each other. He was a sweet, curly brunette kid. I officially decided today that I am definitely a curly/wavy dark brunette fan. Depending on the person, blondes, red-heads or light-brown haired men can be attractive, but...dark brunettes instantly grab my attention.

Ahem. Anyway. Did some random driving today. I enjoy driving.

Oh, speaking of which, pray that the situation with my car gets figured out. It's not road-ready yet.

Also, pray that I can get a job. Or if not, that someone will give me money for the rest of my life.

I'm tired. There's a bunch of stuff from storage in my room, and I think the dust is penetrating my air. It's hard to fall asleep because my asthma gets really worked up. I never have problems with asthma, usually..but the past few days, when I'm laying it bed it gets bad. The only thing I can think of is the boxes :P

Did I mention that I love David Tutera? That man is literally incredible. I LOVE HIM.

Okay, that's all.

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  1. So glad you posted! I dropped by earlier to see if you had any new posts that you hadn't linked to Facebook and was bummed there wasn't one. And now there is!

    Finding lost things is sweet. I once lost my camera (which was still new at the time) for exactly one month in the dorm room of a girl I had met only once. When she cleaned her room out at the end of the semester, she found it. I love when God gives us presents when we least expect them (or in the WAY we least expect)!