April 23, 2013

Nothing new, per se.

The short of it is: I still make coffee, I still work out, and I'm still happy being single.

Although, as expected, that last one has managed to sneak in and try to convince me that being single is a problem.

Something I saw somewhere made me cry myself to sleep with disappointment. Not despair, I'm not quite THAT juvenile, but the fact is that unrequited love hurts, even when you're content with the the situation.

Oh well, I suppose. There's nothing to do about it, except to keep making macchiatos. Which is okay by me. I love it.

I got a little more practice sequencing today. I'm not great, but that's expected. I'd like to be great.

rionfdkfdkfkjgfkfvcnvnv defgfjbgnkjkjbf.

Yup. I'm so tired. I went to the gym after work, and it was great, but now I'm sleepy and my feet are sore.

Aaaaand that's it. Nothing too profound. OH, I got to see Billy and Dan from Get in Shape yesterday! I stopped by before work to tell Dan about the hiring fair at my store (his fiance wants to work at Starbucks), and they were like, "Wellll where's our coffee??" So I bought them some coffee yesterday. And it made me happy. And I miss them! I love those guys so much. Dan said he would come see me on Saturday at work. AND WELL HE SHOULD. lol

Ick. My blog is digressing into what my old blogs were. Lame journal entries that say the same thing over and over and over again.

I'll do better, promise.

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