April 27, 2013

A promise from the Lord.

You ever have those moments when you think the Lord has given you a promise to believe for, but you pretty much don't really believe it until you see it? That's how I feel. I believe it in the sense of faith, but my brain is waiting for the proof.

I mean, sometimes we hear things that are undeniable. We KNOW we were just told something in our heart, but it's so crazy we can't help but be like, "Yeah, right. That's totally just my wishful thinking."

That's kind of how I feel, I think. Last Thanksgiving, we had a lovely evening, my whole family. It was the nicest family gathering that we've had in a long time, I feel. Which, I believe as I think about it, what simply a blessing from the Lord because it was my Grandma's last Thanksgiving.

Anyway, at the end of the night, I was standing outside by myself, admiring the night sky, and talking to the Lord. Not complaining, but requesting, and leaving it at that.

And then....I heard something, as I was talking to the Lord. I did a double take - it was completely beside my original train of thought - it literally was like I was thinking one thing and at the same time a completely different statement was made into my head. I did a double take, and the exact same sentence entered my mind.

I believe just by means of faith that it was a promise from the Lord, but my head is like, "Girl, you crazy. I mean, we'll see, because nothing is impossible, but you crazy."

I've told a couple people about this, but not many. I think I've even talked about it previously here, on my blog. I may have been more specific then, if so. Whatever.

Trusting the Lord. Feeling at peace these days, as opposed to a couple days ago when I was a wreck.

Unrequited love, it's a thief of joy. But it's unrequited, not true. True love is mutual, and it's also not a thief of joy. It adds to it.

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