April 4, 2013

Dangit, T-Swift.

STUCK IN MY HEAD, AGAIN. What is this voodoo?!

I'm sleepy. Finished up training today, and got to get a leg up on practice shifts, which start next week. Loved it all. I love getting comfortable with everything. I love that ultimately, everything is really organized. I love that the atmosphere is really friendly, and normal. I've said it before, but I am really just so thankful that I'm naturally being myself. That I'm not going through my typical "being shy and weird at first and then opening up after three weeks" phase.

Hurrah for confidence, and being a grown up.

Honestly, I love working. Having a job is so great - especially after NOT having one for so long. Not a consistent, several-days-a-week one. I love that I have something to do every day, that is productive, and that is fun. I seriously do not deserve to be so blessed, but I am so thankful.

All of these blog posts are pretty redundant these days. Sorry. But really, it's just all so great.

I haven't gotten my pound of coffee yet. Dangit! I should go pick it up tomorrow.

Got time off in the works for Roman's wedding, which is super. Have I mentioned that, yet?

In short, the moral of the story is:

Me. Allix. Car. Canada.

Ohhhhhh yeahhhh.

iuhzdrdjfhg;jfgh I'm just bored, don't mind me. I felt like typing. Jurassic Park is coming out in 3D, guys. I'm really, really excited. The book is 1000x better, but I LOVE that movie. It always puts me on the edge of my seat.

Hmm. I should go do devotions, and things.

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