April 18, 2013

I want a salad.

So I'm going to go buy one.

Well, life update:

I work, I work out, I go to church, I watch Fox News and the Food Network. This is my life, and I'm content. I still love work. I still love my co-workers. I love working out. I love my church. I love justified laziness.

That's it, really.

But sincerely, God is just faithful. I'm blessed. He answers prayers, and is faithful to open doors.

I recently joined Planet Fitness. It was so weird - I saw an ad for their Spring $1 start up deal, and that was on the 9th. It was like, "Ends April 10th!" and I was like, "Dangit!" It's always hard for me to keep up my fitness on my own, and I knew that waiting until their summer deal was going to wreck havoc on my health. And then, as odd as it sounds, I had a kind of dream-vision sort of thing. I saw myself go into PF and ask if I could still sign up for a dollar, even though the promotion passed. And in the dream, the guy told me that a lot of people had been asking that, and he let me do it.

Well, a couple days later, I decided to go to the website just to see how much it was to start up, if I could scrounge it together.

What do I see? "Extended by popular demand until April 14th! Sign up for a $1!"

Whaaaaat? I happened to have $1.19 in my account, and proceeded to join.

So now I'm a gym member. I love being able to go and be on the machine as long as I want, and burn as many calories as I want.

That's basically how I lost weight at school, sooo fingers crossed. But in the end, I just like working out. I like knowing that I live a normal healthy lifestyle. I'm not crazy because I just can't afford it, and I'll get bored. I like doing what I want, okay?

So, life is good. I think I'm getting paid this week which will be awwwwesome. :)

That's all.

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