February 5, 2013


Nothing deflates the glory of paying off your college bills like being told that you have to pay 6 bucks to get your yearbook shipped to you.

I'm not begrudging anyone, but really? I got paid my thirty dollars for the week, took out my tithe, paid off the last $25 to be paid-in-full, and now, when I have three dollars left in the bank, I have to give MORE money? There's not six bucks in the alumni fund to help a sister out? Dag, bro.

See, now my gangster is coming out. Man.

I'm getting my diploma, which is nice. I can put it in the frame my parents got me for graduation.

This really isn't very exciting, is it? For me it is, but I know that people owe crazy loans that won't be paid-off, ever.

Oh, well. I'll just set aside six dollars from next weeks thirty dollars and live my life.

Anyway, nothing new. Got a new/used bookshelf from the side of the road. It's pretty clean, and it was free, so, holla.

I missed my workout because I couldn't find my car keys, and walking would make me late. And it was freezing cold. Lame sauce. Keys always manage to be lost at the worst times.


Well, good night. Honor God. Be smart. Marry the woman you say you love (it's okay, I know it's not me).

That's all the advice I got.

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