February 16, 2013


I'm so tired.

Between getting four hours of sleep, eating an obscene amount of Reese's hearts, and consuming enough wheat to last a month, I am beat.

I haven't felt this lethargic is a long time - at least I made myself work out today. I even managed a two miles (one running, one walking) yesterday. I'm sick, though, so I'm kind of an idiot.

I'm going to Arizona on Thursday. Mer. The next three weeks are going to be busy. I'm such a glutton for sleep that I dread it, but I can't really be an adult without being busy. Isn't being a glutton for down-time one of the deadly sins? Dag.

I've got some concerts in my future - for the first time in quite literally, years. I think the last show that I went to was Switchfoot, in my Senior year of high school. I think. Maybe there was one after my first year of college, but I don't think so.

Anberlin and Audio Adrenaline in March. I don't actually care for Audio A at all, but I adore Kevin Max, and the other bands playing aren't bad. I'm not familiar with the groups touring with Anberlin, but  they're just opening, so it's kind of irrelevant. I was this close to not seeing them, because my mom is a little antsy about my going to Boston alone, at night. I understand the concern, it's legit, but when dad said he was okay with it, she relented :)

Thanks, mom :)

I'm...really, really, really excited that I get to see them. Most of you are from Facebook, so you know how I was in November when they were in Connecticut. Kind of a maniac.

But now, I can go because I can go alone. And I want to go alone. One of the girls I worked with at Camp Clear is going to be there, so we'll probably meet up for a bit.


Ah, boy. It sure will be interesting to see what the Lord has planned. There is really only one thing that I'm "on the lookout" for, as it were, but not in an obsessive way. And frankly, the happenings of this past Monday are good starting points.

Way-ull. S'pose that's all, then.


  1. When I was at the TWLOHA's Heavy & Light tour last night I saw that Anberlin was touring and will be here in my state soon! I'm probably going to end up going, too! I love them! Safe travels. xoxo

  2. CONGRATULATIONS! You have received A Liebster Award!