February 13, 2013


I'll be 22 tomorrow. Nothing too exciting going on, really. I anticipate the year, but..eh.

The beginning of the week started off with a bang, not necessarily a good one, but whatever. I'm just going through the basic stages of dealing with self-centered jerkfaces (calling someone a self-centered jerkface is a part of the process.)

But as my mom said this afternoon, "Men are jerks."

My parents and I going out for dinner tomorrow as some point. I'm working out. It's pretty uneventful, but I hear 22 isn't a big deal, anyway.

What else...I dunno. Oh! My folks bought cable for my birthday :) On Friday at Midnight (technically Saturday,) there's a Psycho Marathon to usher in the new season. Prior to having cable, I was going to miss it, which made me sad, but now I don't have to! Yay! :)

I'm bored. I thought I had something to talk about. Sorry, guys.

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