February 6, 2013

This day.

Well, I'm kind of bumming it today, as I do most days. I was pretty productive two days ago, though. Or..wait, yesterday? Yeah, yesterday.

I worked out this morning, lost two pounds from last week (but it's not really a big deal because of reasons.) Technically, I think I lost three. That third pound might actually count.

Anyway, boring. This entire post is going to be fairly dull, so please feel free to leave this medium of me basically talking to myself.

I plan on making some quinoa and veg for lunch, which will be tastylicious. Love me some tasty veg. I...will be doing some big cleaning and ordering of things in my room because I'm leaving for Arizona soon, and I'm moving away for a year later. I have no idea what's involved in moving across the country by myself. I'm not really going to BE alone, but I'm the only one going. I wonder if I'll stay longer. Or where I'll go after the year ends. Don't know, that bridge will come up in it's time.

But I need to figure what I want to take with me, maybe pack up unnecessary things that I'm not taking with me and take them to the attic (arrrblarrrghhh.) Figure out what I want to be shipped to me (most likely just books.)

Oh, hey, if you have a not terribly old, or terribly worn out laptop that I could buy from you for under a hundred bucks, get in touch, eh? I'd love to try and at least START finishing my degree while I'm over there, and the program is online. Which means on a computer. So, yeah.

I'll look around. Maybe my parents will let me take the Mac (hint, hint?) I do have the Batman decal that is just aching to be fixed onto a Mac...lolz.

dkfgkadgakjrkjak. Well, I'm boring. Sorry. Nothing too profound is going through my brain these days. I've had two cups of coffee so far today. I kind of feel like the second cup was too much.

Mmmm...OH, you know what? When I move, after I miss my parents and my few friends that I have and love so much that are here, I'm going to really, really miss my gym. Mostly my boss at the gym, Billy. I love that guy SO MUCH.

He is literally one of my favorite people. I'm going to miss him so much, I plan on taking a picture with him, and maybe with him and Dan, to take with me. And buying a GIS jacket to remember these days by. I was thinking about it on Monday, and I literally had to force myself to not cry a few tears.

I don't know, he's just one of the most quality people I've met over the past couple years being home. He feels like an Uncle to me. I mean, he's just...everyone should know him. He's quirky, and hilarious, and has a really kind heart toward people. I've been at the gym for over a year, now. Not a week goes by that I'm not just in awe, and so thankful to the Lord for letting me be there. I will be very sad to say goodbye to them. Maybe I'll be able to go back someday.



That's all, I suppose. I'm going to go make lunch, now. And do busy things.

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