October 1, 2012

No title ideas.

I watched a little bit of the movie I.Q. this evening. Meg Ryan, Stephen Fry, Walter Matthau, and that guy Susan Sarandon used to date. Tim something. I've seen it before, and it's not my favorite chick flick, but I can relate to it a bit. Only, I'm Tim something. Bleh. Maybe a mix of Meg Ryan and Tim something.

Anyway. Today has been...mmm, ultimately good, I guess. Started out okay..got up early enough, penciled myself in for the gym, had a good breakfast. Then...gas was a million dollars. And I had an empty tank. And I had seven dollars, but didn't know that until later today. I told the guy to put in eight dollars, and he does, and then he swipes my card and is like, "You're poor." Well, he didn't say that, exactly.

I pulled away from the pump and called my folks for money. While I waited, I had a minor breakdown, and told the Lord, again, that I really need a job. If I had a job, this most likely would not have happened. So I cried a little, and watched the clock tick away to me being late for my commitment.

That all got resolved, and I went on with my day. It proceeded to get better, kind of. My coffee was weird, but not too bad. The cute bank teller was still cute, but I think he's probably 18. I bought quinoa to try. I also got stuff for an Autumn display on our front step. It's really cute. I got home and made a good lunch. A part of which was a green smoothie, which I made with no recipe, and it turned out kind of wonky. I drank it anyway. I cleaned the kitchen. Then, I went for a run.

Now, my runs are definitely jogs, but I call then runs anyway, because I'm definitely not walking. My goal has been to hit two miles with no stops. NAILED IT. From there, I felt pretty great. I felt so good that I treated myself to a DIY salad from the grocery store for dinner (I LOVE THEM.)

I wrote up a thing for the NBF Cookie Campaign, and now I'm blogging. This day has ended on a high note, for sure.

I'm going to bed soon, working at the gym at 9, and working out at 11. All good in the hood.

OH! On my way home earlier in the day, I got REALLY excited about seeing Allix and Ashley this month! It's going to be so much fun! :D

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