October 18, 2012

Today, tomorrow, the next day...

Today was my least favorite. Bad, bad, bad. I cannot fix myself, and frankly, I feel like God is just watching me from the sidelines, telling me I'll be fine eventually, not with me in the midst of the battle, where He said He would be.

I know that's not true, but it's how I feel, regardless.

I'm thankful for being able to talk to Zack, who has, since day one, been the long-suffering other half of our non-judgmental, unafraid-to-speak-the-truth, ears-open-to-complaints-and-rants friendship (that I'm amazed still exists, because if I was him, I think I would have ditched me a long time ago.)

Also today, or tonight, rather. I made some gluten free pizza. Making your own pizza is actually pretty fun. And tasty.


Tomorrow, I am hoping to go for a run. I have a workout in the afternoon with the cute trainer who forgot my name. OH WELL. I'll convince myself he's too short.

Tomorrow, I'm also going to be packing for my trip to see Allix and Ashley! Hooray for friends! I'm reallyreallyreally looking forward to seeing their faces, and hugging their torsos.


The next day, I'm heading into Boston to head to New York. I love Boston. There's a part of me that wants to go early and walk around the area. The only thing making me change my mind is dragging around a suitcase :P It's not really fun to do that at all.

And, well, that's all. Maybe sometime I'll get an inspiration for a post that changes lives. Not today.

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