October 9, 2012


So, I just had a small comment dialogue with someone on Facebook about how men have been dumbed down to think that they don't need to pursue women.

I just need to tirade for a little bit, okay?

IT'S NOT OKAY. There might be other fish in the sea, but that doesn't mean you need to keep casting in your line! Geeeeez. Yes, wait for the right one. Keep yourself from tampering with what isn't yours (aka stop casually dating.) And if you think you're in love with someone, FREAKING PROPOSE ALL READY. Every time I see someone get engaged on Facebook, I'm like, "Good for you, man." Literally, The Man. It takes guts to make that kind of commitment. Even if I don't like the guy, he gains major respect from me because he chose to get married instead of being a loser.

So what if she says no? That's the whole point of being a grown-up. At least neither of you are waiting on the other anymore. You can know for sure that she's not the one, or whatever.

All I'm saying is if I knew or had a feeling that a man was in love with me, and he took his sweet time expressing it and seriously acting on it, I would totally write him off. He doesn't deserve anymore of my time. It's straight up rude to let a girl think you love her by just sticking around, because you're too lazy to commit to anyone.

STOP BEING A WUSS MAN. BE A MAN. And heck, who cares if you can't get some ginormous diamond ring, blah blahdy blah. It's called true love, people. If she really loves you, it won't matter. I know I don't care. I mean, rings are pretty and stuff, but just knowing that a man loves me enough to spend the rest of his life with me? That's legit. I'll take that over jewelry any day.

And, trust me guys. The girl that you think is incredible? There is literally no one else like her, so if she is what you think is the definition of amazing, you better get busy. Cuz she's got a life to live, and unless you do what you can to be a part of it, you're gonna get lost in the dust of her independence. Women are only so independent, because men aren't being dependable. A way to be dependable is by COMMITTING. By GETTING MARRIED. Not dating for years and years. You're willing to date someone for two years, but not be willing to marry them? You have a problem. You don't marry someone that you date for a week. A month. But, two years? You've most likely seen enough of this person to see the good and the bad, so......why stay with them, if you aren't going to marry them?

It's flipping selfish, and ridiculous. Real men get married, little boys date for years---thinking they'll find something better. You're won't. Because you'd KNOW if she was wrong for you. You would know that she's wrong for you, and you would get out of that relationship. This is why casual dating is whack. Why waste your time AND someone else's time, when you aren't going to marry them? It's only making both of your lives harder! What if you're dating someone and the woman you're really supposed to marry is right over there? And, the man she's supposed to marry is right over there? And, you two are slowing everyone down by dating each other, when you aren't even meant to be!

WRONG. God can tell you who the right one is. It's called peace that passes all understanding. There is NO check in your spirit, NO feeling of, "Well, I guess she's good enough. I dunno."

MEN SHOULD BE MEN. And until then, women should do their thing, not waste their time sitting around doing nothing. Learn how to be a homemaker. Get an education. Volunteer. Work. Save money. Learn how to fix things. Become a good cook. It's just good to know this stuff. Do what you love. Travel. Show men what they're missing out on by being sticks in the mud who are afraid of commitment.

Cuz let's be real. Again. Money doesn't HAVE to be an issue. I know men are like, "Urr, I'm a man, must be able to have house. Have food. Urr." Yeah, okay, but if you spend ALL your time getting ready to prepare for a family, the chance to have a family is going to pass you by. That's something that you do as a couple. You're partners in life. Prepare for a family together.

And, I think that's all I have to say for now.

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