October 14, 2012

To my own surprise, I knew all the lyrics to every Emery song on The Question.

I guess I listened to it in high school more than I realized. And with my almost-post-cold voice, I sounded like one of the band members. You could hardly tell that I was singing along. (Exaggeration, exaggeration, exaggeration....)

Anyhow, yesterday, I drove to Keene, NH to visit Alex, one of my oldest friends. We met at a summer camp when I was 11 and she was 12 (I believe.) I think that's right because she went to the older camp the next summer. Of the friends that I keep consistent contact with, she's the oldest. Ten years! I'm impressed, anyway. Well, like I said, we met at summer camp, and we connected because we both loved dc Talk and Veggie Tales. After the week, she was Archibald the Asparagus, and I was Larry-Boy. I called her Archie for short, and also for years. I think I stopped calling her Archie after we got settled into college.

Over the years, because she lived pretty far away, and because she was super busy (public schoolers! They have no time on their hands! ;) we only got to see each other once or twice a year. Usually my birthday, or in the summer at this fair her town had (has?) every year called a Balloon Rally. It's basically a fair and they launch off hot air balloons. We usually made our visits last a weekend, and we always had lots of fun. Obviously, as time goes on, you get older, and busier, but we've still managed to see each other in real life about once a year. It's less than we'd like, but hey...it's better than not at all! Before yesterday, the last time I had seen her was when I was in her wedding last year :)

We are "adorbs."

Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of us yesterday because my phone died, and stayed dead for basically the rest of the day. It was a great day, regardless.

I drove a nice, long back road that was surrounded by beautiful Fall trees. We walked around Keene, and chatted, and ate some incredible fries, and I bought some Christmas gifts! Yayyyyy. When we went back to her house (which is officially my favorite,) we watched While You Were Sleeping, and that was a major boost to my sleepy system. I LOVE that movie.

I also bought the book Roots, which I WAS excited about, and then my mom told me that it was discredited because the author lied about his family history. I should have bought the Van Gogh book, instead. DANGIT.

Now, I'm eating spicy hummus, which is clearing my sinuses quite effectively.

Also in this week, my parents and I are trying to go "Gluten-Free", or basically just wheat free. I didn't abide by that yesterday, but I don't care. So far it's been pretty good, I think.

Mmmmm......OH! INCREDIBLE NEWS. The car that was given to me? It's finally all done! It passed inspection and everything! Yay for a car!

Sad news, the cute trainer at the gym forgot my name. That was pretty crushing. I guess that means I'm available, again. I really thought he and I might have had something. I was a fool.

Sorry to end on such a low note, but....sometimes life is sad. :P

Man...I'm really starting to feel the spice in this spicy hummus. I get it chili pepper, you're hot.

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