May 3, 2013

I like this.

This week has been great. I've had some emotional backlash, but I've gotten to see all kinds of friends and drink coffee, and make coffee, and laugh, laugh, laugh. My job is going to give me epic laugh lines.

The seven shots of espresso I had today don't help, I'm sure.

But really, it's been so nice to catch of with the Gable's on Wednesday (over coffee), and with Sam today (over coffee) and then with Sam AND Anna tonight (over pizza), and then tomorrow I'm going to to dinner with Priscilla.


She and I are road-tripping to Canada for a friend's wedding. Roman. Love that guy. Obviously his fiancee loves him more, but as far as friendship goes, I like him a whole lot. SO excited for him and Lindsey.

There was one potential cloud over the trip, but I've gotten over it. Ain't got nothing on me.

Well, this blog is really dull, but my life is not. Life is great, and the people in it are fantastic, and today was a great day.

I really should stop writing when I have nothing substantial to say. I don't like these kind if posts. Boo.

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