May 26, 2013

Are thumb rings ever cool?

Because I've started wearing one again. I'm pretty sure this is a sign of taking two steps backward out of mature adulthood, but I don't really care. I'll take it off in a few days.

On the health front, I've make a determination to go back to, and stick with in a serious way the decision to be wheat free, which in turn becomes being gluten free, because...well, it just happens. When I started working, I was still wheat free, but then one day...I was really hungry. And I ate a sandwich. And from then on, I was eating sandwiches. Frankly, this is not good. I have seen the effects it's making on my body, and I dislike them. Aside from probably weight gain, there are other things like my skin that are clearly affected, and I'm retaining a lot of water (which accounts for weight gain.)

So, that's a boring thing to talk about, but I'm just letting you know. I don't eat wheat, okay? Don't let me do it. Ever again.

In other news, I visited a new church today (remember that lesson I learned about trusting God to bring a Christian man into my life out of the blue? It was that guy's church.)

Although, as I expected, he wasn't there. I knew he wouldn't be. The Lord even whispered something along the lines of this to me: "Hannah, you know that you pursuing him is going to slow everything down, right?" And then I told myself, "Besides, he really probably isn't the one. I'm just crazy."

But I sincerely wasn't going to try and find this guy. What would I have done? Gone up to him and said, "Hey, remember me from the Senior Day? My name is Hannah, and a girl from work directed me to your Facebook profile, and I stalked you, and that's how I knew you'd be at this church."

Lame. And creepy. And awkward. But if I was in that situation, I'm in a place of personal confidence, that I'd probably tell him the truth. Maybe it's desperation. Either way, he wasn't there, but I enjoyed the service. The pastor is a ZBC graduate (I think from several years ago, before they came to Haverhill.) He's very hip and traditional at the same time. Maybe not hip...more like straightforward. Which I appreciate, if it's not too rash.

It was nice. I don't know that I'll go back...because...well, I have a church already, and..I'm not dating that guy yet. Or ever.

Anyway. Lesson re-learned: Strategically placing yourself in a place that a guy might be doesn't work. Let the Lord bring you together.

The end.

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