May 13, 2013

[Oh,] Canada.

This is actually from the drive home. :P

Whenever anyone goes to Canada, or talks about Canada, they ALWAYS say "Oh, Canada," or sing "Oh, Canada," or whatever.

Obviously I had to follow suit because..well, it's simply appropriate.

Allix and I drove to Canada on Friday.

To prove it, here's an exceedingly unattractive picture to prove it. Well, unattractive of me. Allix looks lovely. I share it because I have no more shame. Quite literally.

We drove to Canada because our classmate Roman, was thinking about getting married, and asked us to come enjoy the event. The moral of the story is that Roman is one of my favorite people, and I have been psyched about his wedding for a YEAR. Quite literally to the day, because LAST year, at Hannah Eddy's wedding, Roman was like, "Yeah, I think we're gonna get married in May..." And his wedding day was the day after Hannah Eddy's. Just a year later.

Sooooo.. A whole year! Been waiting forever! His wife is lovely, and also perfect for him. The ceremony was beautiful, the reception was great. Lindsay had like, the perfect Pinterest wedding. She pinned things, and actually DID them. I was massively impressed.

Saw a lot of classmates, which was really nice.

So, funny story: Roman's house. Allix and I knew we were staying there, but we didn't quite comprehend that everyone else was staying there. We arrived, got inside, poked around a bit, to figure out who was staying and...well, EVERYONE was staying.

We were like, "What the...?!" and kind of freaked out. Well, I freaked out. If you know anything about my life, and/or have read any previous posts about my bout of unrequited love, then..well...just fit those pieces together and go on your merry way.

But it gets better! Honest! Between the time that we got to the house, and everyone came home from the rehearsal dinner, the Lord did a massive work in my heart.

I knew one thing: If I kept on freaking out, it would be selfish, and it would ruin everything for everyone. I didn't want to be a quiet jerk, like I've done in the past, because it's wrong. I wanted to do what was right in the eyes of God because...well, being selfish is wrong. I'm not that person anymore.

I had determined all kind of ways to deal with the weekend. Don't have a cold shoulder, but don't be friends.  Don't be rude, but don't interact.

All contradictions, really. The right thing to do was to..well..forgive, not hold any grudge or bitterness, and have a nice time. I was there for Roman, after all. the end, as far as I'm concerned, everything went great. I love seeing how I've changed when I'm in different social situations, etc. Case in point, I danced at the reception! I have NEVER even remotely considered going onto the dance floor because I have ZERO dance skills, and I don't like looking stupid.

But as I watched everyone, I realized..they don't have dance skills either. No one knows what to do, they're just copying each other and having fun.

So that's what I did. And it was fantastic.

We got to see Niagra Falls before we left on Sunday. They're beautiful, although, I think we all agreed that they're smaller than we anticipated. Oh well. Still beautiful, and majestic, and very, very quiet. It was interesting. I would post a picture, but Zack has them on his phone, and has yet to send them to me.

The drive back was long. We left about four hours behind schedule, which was in the end okay. It was nice to spend the extra time with everyone.

For good measure, here's another picture of me and Allix, being beautimous.

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