March 18, 2013

WARNING: Man Rant Ahead

If it just so happens that my thoughts make no sense, well, sense is irrelevant, so haters gonna hate.

You know what's funny about rejection? Allowing yourself to embrace the rejection makes life a whole lot better. You'd think that holding onto "possibilities" would make you more optimistic, but the reality is no.

Seriously. In church yesterday, the message was about I Am the Vine. One of the segments was about branches needing to be pruned, otherwise the dead leaves will put toxins into the life flow and start killing the whole plant.

This is obviously a spiritual lesson about us, Christ, and the things Christ needs to work out in us to make us more like Him, but it can apply to this, as I think about my own experience.

It's like a smaller scale version of the branches with leaves. Take..say, flowers sharing a stem.

Stems provide a sharing of nutrients between flowers. It's nice, and they grow, and they bloom, and they work well together. They look beautiful, and it's just a nice thing to look at.

But then something happens. And one of the flowers starts to wither. If you don't trim that thing off, the other flower is going to die, too, and it's going to be one ugly stick. But sometimes you think, well, if I change the water - then they'll be fine. Or, if I change the vase, they'll have more room. No.

You have to get rid of the dying flower. And then things start to get better.

Trying to keep what is clearly no good for you will only make things worse. Especially in failed romance. Women deserve a man who is passionate about them, and we make this dumb decision to keep holding out for the people who like us just fine, want the best for us, they guess, but really just use us to make them feel better on a grey day. I'm talking about romantic relationships or friendships.

And maybe playing the power card is tacky, but I don't care. I don't like to be patronized in my garden of life. I make decisions, and I have hopes and dreams, and I can handle disappointments like a grown up woman, thank you.

Women aren't made to be uncommitted safety blankets. We're made to be partners and helpmeets. We're made to be respected and treasured. Not tripped up by your dumb man ego.

So, now, as I've had a few weeks of being emotionally pruned, as it were, I've noticed a significant increase in awesomeness. I couldn't really describe it for you, but like I told Priscilla, I don't care to go back. I'm happy, and I'm living my life, and that works for me.

I also have my girlfriends, who I love, and someday, some man, friend or lover, will enter the picture and be just dandy. And I won't make the same foolish choices that I did before.

Because the people that cross our paths are learning experiences, in the end. And if we're smart, we'll learn the lesson all the way.

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  1. Hannah, I love your heart about men because you are so dead on! One day when your prince charming walks into your life you will be SO happy you have waited and learned all these valuable lessons! Can't wait to hear all about it when that day comes!