March 4, 2012

Just sayin'...

I feel like I've taken 20 steps back in my levels of confidence and my sense of knowing who I am. Not in a spiritual sense, but my tastes, etc.

Feeling insecure is my least favorite.

But I'm sincerely fighting to not let myself stay in this place. Honest. I don't want to succumb to using self pity to get attention from people. It's not fair to anyone, and Lord knows I've done it too much to even let myself do it a little bit.

I think I know who I am..rather, who I sincerely wish I was. See, I don't even think I'm like, dissatisfied with who I "really" am. I think I could honestly be a better version of myself. It just seems like I can never muster up enough "oomph" to get myself there.

I wish I was back in college. I need a day to day thing to keep me busy, force me to deal with life situations and build myself. Interact with people, grow real life people skills.


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