March 22, 2012

The discipline of changing my attitude.

First off, WOW at this early summer weather!! It's wonderous! I love all the sunshine, all the warm breezes, seeing trees start to bud, having a reason to drink iced coffee. Ahhhhh...

Anyway. The other day (and several occasions prior), I've caught myself in the net of ingratitude. It's easy to get caught up in that net, and somehow, it manages to make us just a slightly less agreeable person. Be it emotional, physical, spiritual. Something goes amok when we choose to ignore all that we are blessed with.

Examples (from the experiences of yours truly):

"I wish we had a second car. Uhhhggg." (But Hannah, you don't even have your license, so there's no need. At least your family HAS a well working car and you don't have to depend on public transit.)

"I wish I could have more money. Uhhhgg" (But Hannah, you have two jobs - one of which pays you what you need to get by and the other that gives you what you would never be able to afford, no matter what job you had.)

The truth is, I'm very blessed. The gym I work at is really only affordable for rich proffesional women (or their children..there's a couple of girls there who are under the age of 16.) Yet, I get to go there three times a week?? What the..?!

My other job helps me pay of my (thankfully my only) debt. It also provides me with experience with kids that I never got from nursery work or working at Mt. Hope. I'm an only child, so my time caring for children was limited.

I have my permit. Finally! I'm a good driver, thankfully! My only driving limitation is that I can't drive alone. Not bad. I can road trip, if I want to.

The point is, I've found myself having pity parties about menial things, and it always brings me down in some way. But I have no major problems. No major needs. The discipline is catching myself and reminding myself of how blessed I am, and just keep living my life. And be happy about little things.

Like how I'm making my own iced coffee! :D I haven't gotten to drink any yet (between steeping and seiving, it takes a long time to make), but I caaaaan't wait to try it. It's going to be glorious.

Anyway. I'm glad this is my blog where I can do what I want. This is easier than paper journaling. I feel too much pressure to be impressive with regular journaling :P

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