February 4, 2012

Happiness in a Cup

Yeah, I haven't done diddly on here in a long time. I don't even have new pictures for the 365 to catch up :P

Well, here's the status on me:

I'm going to Pennsylvania next week. In three days, to be exact. I'm staying in a hotel with three girls from my class. Needless to say, we are very excited - to see each other and to go visit our school. We're going specifically for Revival Services. It' something the school started last year...it's shorter this year, but I think that could be a good thing.

All I know is that I need it. When it comes to my walk with the Lord, I'm lacking. I'm not good at keeping up devotions and..other things. I know that going to these services isn't the magical elixir for renewed spirituality, but it will help. I mean, it's really gotten serious. And I know it. I knew it a long time ago. "Well, why didn't you fix it, stupid?" Yea, I know. Don't bother asking.

Anyway, that's the highlight of my upcoming week. highlight of my weekend so far would be last night at the NBF Fellowship night. The service was really good and I had a lot of fun with the guys (yes, I was hanging out with men from prison. Oh em gee. But literally, guys got to come from the facility. It's really cool that they can do that.)

ALSO I decided that I want a coffee shop. My own. I want to make coffee for people. I do not want to work at Starbucks anymore. Too mainstream (ha, I'm such a hipster. not really but maybe a little.)

I'm planning it on Pinterest. Saving ideas and rental spaces and coffee beans and roasting ideas. It's gonna be good. My name idea is Happiness in a Cup. Or Mug. Because I'd always say that about my coffee at college. Or something along those lines.


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  1. I LOVE that you want to start a coffee shop. That is wonderfully adventurous and something that is completely you. Let me know if you need any resources- my mom and uncle are both really business savvy and can usually answer a question or point one in the right direction. :)