January 22, 2012

Man down.

I don't know what happened to my immune system. It has literally just shut off.

I've been sick more this season that I have in two years. It makes NO sense. Yes, I babysit small children who have yet to learn the importance of hygiene, but still. You'd think I'd be okay by 20 years old.

It snowed today. Maybe I'll get a picture tomorrow. I don't know when I got such a disdain for snow...I know it happened at Mt. Zion (now Summit), but...I'm just not sure WHAT turned me off to snow.

Maybe the bitter romantic in me resents it. Maybe all my body remembers when I see snow is negative degree wind chill freezing me to the bone.

Well, no maybes. I can't think of other possibilities. Those two reason are why I don't like snow. Bad memories of being so dang cold at school, and being sad that I have no love life to make snow romantic.

=_= I'm really pathetic when it comes to romantic things. I'm really trying to not talk about it, though.

Are those walls that I'm building? Yes. I know. Leave me be.

On a side note (literally), my 365 over there --->
isn't as cool as I wanted it to be. It's a picture I took a couple days ago, but then today I thought of a cooler shot..I didn't try it. Maybe I will and then post it anyway. I can do what I want.

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  1. If you started participating in winter sports (like snowboarding), you would like snow a lot more. Don't build up your love or dislike for things based on it's romantic value or your ability to use it romantically. There are way too many things in life to enjoy with friends or even by yourself!! I know, I've done it! Snow is FUN!!! Even when you're cold, hope your encouraged.