January 10, 2012

Day Eleven

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You'll see a section about my Photography 365/ The subject today was "Where I Sleep." The picture is of my quilt. Now, I don't have any particularly heart-warming story about my bed sheets, but they are special to me. I bought them especially for college - I was in the very beginnings of my "trying to be classy" stage (I'm making progress, but I can't deny that I just love being reallyreally comfy.)

My mom was like, "You can use it later", blah blah blah. I liked the set, and it matched some throw pillows my Aunt got me off of eBay quite perfectly.

Well, for almost four years now, those sheets, pillows and the quilt have been on my bed. They went through Bible school with me. They didn't go through internship (which is fine by me. They were better off in the school's storage!) I've had sleepovers in those blankets with my best friends. I've cried in those blankets. I've had side-splitting laugh attacks on those blankets. I've had late night talks about boys with my roomie on those blankets. I've played games on them. I've prayed on those blankets. It was on those blankets that the Lord helped me realize that I could be satisfied with His love.

And now, I'm home. Back from college. I've still had many moments on my bed. On those blankets. They're special, and I look forward to keeping them forever...

Though, they are twin size, so unless I stay single, they may go a few years without use.

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