January 14, 2012

Crooners in my head.

I put my Pandora on Quick Mix or whatever, and it played crooners. So I Have Ella in my head.

Note about my 365 over there --->
I'm not really reading anything right now, but I bought those books a few days ago. I'm excited about reading them.

What are you reading? Do you recommend anything? I don't read enough, so I'd love some suggestions.

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  1. I'm reading a collection of O. Henry's short stories and _The Secret Art of Homemaking_ by Edith Schaeffer. The Schaeffer book is about living more creatively and making wherever you live a more meaningful and fulfilling place that you can truly call a home. I love how she starts off talking about how since we are made in the image of the Creator that he made us to be "creators" as well.